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We are highly active and engaged in your initiatives. We add value by establishing a thorough understanding of your business and growth aspirations. We work closely with you and other stakeholders throughout investment and development life cycles.  You will receive the expert advice, guidance, and insight required to make sound, well-informed decisions. We will develop strategies tailored to your specific goals and vision to increase your bottom line, address your "pain-points" and mitigate investment risk. 

  • Track record of successful partnerships built on trust and timely execution of deliverables.

  • Drive small businesses expansion by capitalizing on opportunities in-line with your growth objectives and risk appetite.  

  • Secure debt and equity capital by leveraging our extensive network of business partners.

  • Reduce your property taxes by leveraging our appraisal and assessment expertise, derived from working on behalf of both property owners and a municipality.  Our fees are based solely on your savings.

  • Perform comprehensive review of development and acquisition opportunities.

  Recent Highlights:

  • Reduced debt recourse for $22M in project financing. Negotiated favorable burn-off terms and hurdles.

  • Reduced DSCR & LTV hurdles, financing costs and property taxes, for $65,000,000 portfolio through careful terms negotiation, tax abatements and appeals. Saved clients well over $500,000.

  • Worked alongside developer to increase self-storage portfolio value by more than 250% over 7 years.

  • Established end-to-end Standard Operating Procedures for 3 self-storage facilities' staff and external customer service providers.











Robert DaRos, Owner and Principal Advisor

Robert is a commercial real estate and self-storage expert, a top-tier advisor, and strategic coach.  He has 15-years of commercial real estate deal analysis and strategic coaching experience.  Currently he is serving as the Commercial Real Estate Appraiser for Stamford, Connecticut, where he provides critical tax litigation support. 

Robert is also the author of "Launching a Career in Commercial Real Estate".

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